Aodhan Madden, Stage for St Martin (universal foliage), 2019, beige coat, coat hangers, ribbon, labels

Aodhan Madden, Stage for St Martin (cold metal) 

                                Stage for St Martin (inside pockets) (2019)

                                Navy coat, coat hangers, ribbon, labels

  Two of St Martin of Tours' miracles involve a cut: the cutting of his coat (to give to a nude beggar) and the cutting of a sacred pine tree (to convert the pagans who worshipped this tree to Christianity). Charity is thus structured around a violence that it itself cannot remedy. The cut coat is only a ‘gift’ because of the prevailing hierarchies of class (noble soldier to wretched pauper), the cut tree is only a ‘gift’ if we consider the gradual destruction of one belief system by another a ‘positive' and ‘natural’ thing.

It’s at this point when things get knotted in my head. I have a hunch that St Martin is still here wearing different coats, and that this ‘nation’ built on stolen land recycles his gesture of the gift, this violent charity, and makes it into a logic, a mode of perception. How do you refuse a gift that cannot be refused? I try and return to the scene, to the staging of the gift, and see if maybe a different kind of cut can be made.

— Aodhan Madden

Brighid Fitzgerald, Untitled (dome language) (2019), Glass apple terrariums, apple stars, window contact, garden wire

Brighid Fitzgerald
                                            Garden Camo (2019)
                                            Park bench, garden boxes, garden wire, polymer clay peas, blue tac

                                                  Spencer Lai
  1.                                     Angel (figure), 2019 
                                                  PVC, metal, various materials, clothes line wire

                                                   Chi Tran

                                                   My mother’s mother died in her sleep, a single mother of six. They placed her into the Earth last week, but I was not there so I could only think about her and how skies leak (2019)

                                                  Jessica Quinnell
                                                  Necklace, 2019
                                                                            glass beads, wire

                                                Amy Jane Parker
                                                else and polished dirt,
                                                Glazed ceramic, copper, glass, water, faecal krill of Euphausiacea, petroleum, sunflower oil and dirt 
, su

                                                Nik Lee
                                                Untitled (green), 2019
                                                                          Pencil and ink on paper

                                                Untitled (red), 2019
                                                                          Pencil and ink on paper

                                                                          Scene drawing, 2019
                                                                          Pencil and ink on paper

                                             Grace Gamage
                                             I.dle Nee.dle (2019)
                                            .3mm sterelised steel acupuncture needles

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